Sunday, June 07, 2020

Put Down That Newspaper and Pick Up!

Hey, Dental Employers – check out these benefits of using to find a dental worker over placing an ad in a newspaper:

• The cost of a job ad package is approximately half of what a classified newspaper ad costs in some areas.
• Workers look more and more on the web these days; therefore giving you a lot better response than a newspaper ad.
• Receive email updates when a new candidate matches their resume, so candidates see employers’ ads, and employers see resumes that have been prescreened by to weed out the unqualified candidates.
• You get quicker responses and more targeted reach. posts your ads on various third-party sites to maximize your job listings reach.
• Sort through and pick and choose the resumes that interest you before calling candidates. You get access to the resumes as soon as your job ad package is listed - no waiting for candidates to contact you!
• Higher-qualified candidates register on than just anyone out there responding to a newspaper ad.
• Newspaper ads can be costly, time-consuming and inaccurate. allows for a more thorough evaluation of a candidate. Once your job ad is posted, you can change the wording in your ad while it’s running - try doing that with a newspaper! Oh yeah, and you get unlimited words!

POST your ad, now, and if you do, through the end of April, you save $29 dollars off each regularly-priced 21-day and 30-day job ad! Use BOGIE for the promo code when you check out!