Sunday, June 07, 2020

Find Interns on - A Win-Win Proposition!

The Advantages of Bringing An Intern Into Your Practice

Did you know that dental-worker interns and intern-seeking employers can connect on

When student dental workers register with a Free Account on, they can specify that they are looking for internship opportunities, and employers can find them.

Currently, more companies than ever before are enjoying benefits of bringing an intern into their dental practices.

Benefits? Oh, there are so many….

  • - Interns bring a new perspective to your practice. Make sure to ask their opinions, and utilize them in brainstorming/ideas sessions.

  • - The current generation is extremely tech-savvy. Utilize their knowledge of social media to develop or enhance your own company social strategy.

  • - Many Fortune-500 companies retain over 80% of their interns. Why hire someone who has never been in your practice or knows the staff or your protocols or customers, when you have an intern who has already had this experience, and you know you can trust this person?

  • - They provide an extra set of helping hands!

  • - Your other staff members can get in on this intern action by helping to mentor the intern. This is good for your staff, because it's positive for the office, and helps reinforce what your other staff members know about the office and their positions.

  • - Employees have to carefully teach an intern the exact ways and methods of doing a job. Working with an intern is a good morale and leadership booster, and may just help you do your job better and to remember how important it is to communicate with your patients.

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