Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Let Help You Find Experienced Dental Staff!

One of the most common hiring mistakes a dental employer can make is to hire someone who does not have enough dental experience. Most often, this scenario occurs as a knee-jerk or panic reaction when someone in a dental employer’s office unexpectedly quits or has been let go.

Take a Front Desk worker, for example. If a dental employer hires a generic front desk or receptionist worker with no dental field experience, they will have to make up that lack of dental experience in extra training, which can include:

• Training to have a working knowledge of dental insurance, including claims, preparing claim forms and billing.
• Training on dental terminology, procedures and diagnoses.
• Training on dental computer software.
• If the Front Desk worker has no medical experience, whatsoever, they will also need to be trained on HIPAA and other patient privacy laws.

All of this extra training costs money. The Sasha Corporation averaged the results of 15 studies that determined average costs to replace just one eight dollars per hour employee, and that figure turned out to be $9,444.47 per turnover. Click HERE for more information on the hefty costs of replacing employees. realizes that hiring a new employee at the best of times requires a financial commitment, no matter what industry you are in. exists to make this process easier and more cost-effective for you, by providing you top-quality dental workers who come to our dental-dedicated, job niche board. We save you time by reviewing every dental worker’s resume to make sure they actually have the experience required for the dental job. Take advantage of our unlimited-word, customizable dental job ad packages, which will allow you to target dental workers in your matched candidate group, whether it is a Dental Hygienist, a Dental Assistant, or that Dental Front Desk Worker who up and quit, unexpectedly.

Ultimately, recruiting only the most skilled employees, retaining them for as long as possible and using performance reviews to identify training needs early on, are some of the best methods to consider to convert new dental hires into long-term, productive employees in your office. will help you with the first step in attracting experienced dental workers, then the sky’s the limit!