Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Networking Online

The Dos and Don'ts!

Networking has been called a “necessary evil”, and even though the results aren’t always immediate, putting some time into doing it and doing it correctly and professionally, can yield positive results – some you’ve never thought of!

In today’s world, traditional face-to-face networking has morphed into the online world, with its own set of rules:

- When you extend an invitation to connect with someone, that person will more than likely check you out, social media-wise. Be sure that all of your social media profiles look professional. Anything that’s questionable, or you wouldn’t want a potential boss to see, remove it.

- When you go to connect with someone else, be sure to introduce yourself, and why you want to connect. You may have met them at a trade show, or through another professional connection, or maybe you just admire their work ethic. Whatever the reason, if you simply write, “Hi, I’m Jane”, they probably will have no idea who you are. A little intro will sure go a long way.

- Make your messages to each networking contact unique. Copying and pasting the same old generic message again and again is easy to figure out, it shows you are lazy and shows the recipient that you are not really that interested in them – they are just part of your mass ‘mail-merge’.

- The goal of networking isn’t always to yield immediate results, so leave that expectation at home. The goal really is to build beneficial and long-standing relationships. Take the time to build relationships and trust.

- Interact with your social media network connections. Keep tabs on what they’re doing. Like, share and comment on their posts. Suggest others check them out. The more they see you are interacting with them, the more they will probably interact back, building a rapport and hopefully develop a beneficial networking relationship.

- If it looks like your online interactions are going well, suggest you meet them for real – say for a coffee, lunch, happy hour or whatever – be sure to cover the bill, though!

- Pestering someone to connect with you is usually fruitless, and will usually lead to you getting reported or blocked for being a pain. It’s okay to follow up a couple of times, but if you hear nothing after that, more on and focus your attention on others who may be more responsive.

- Look for opportunities to help others. Is there a dental worker out there looking for a job, and you know about DentalWorkers.com and they don’t? Well, let them know to sign up for FREE , and post their resume! It may land them a job, make you feel good that you did something positive for someone else, and it’s good karma!