Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What's Behind That Interview Question?

Chances Are, You've Heard Them All Before - Now Find Out What They Really Mean!

During your dental job search, there are some common interview questions that seem to pop up, time and time again.

There’s a good reason for this. Asked in a certain way, a question can invoke an obvious answer that on the surface seems pretty obvious. But there are sometimes deeper ‘Whys’ an employer hopes to discover when asking these questions.

Check out the list below of questions (Q) that employers often ask. Then read the (Why) underneath each Q to determine the employer’s logic behind asking that specific question:

  1. Q: "Why should I hire you?"

    Why: To check your confidence level.

  2. Q: "What are your weaknessess?"

    Why: The employer is asking this question to determine your self-awareness.

  3. Q: "Tell me about yourself."

    Why: To check your communication skills and how you can present yourself.

  4. Q: "How would your friends describe you?"

    Why: To understand if you are a people-oriented person who can speak honestly and openly about yourself.

  5. Q: "Tell me about the worst boss you ever had.
  6. Why: To understand how much a candidate has learned from previous bad experiences with managers.

  7. Q: "Why do you want to work for our comopany/organization?"

    Why: To know whether the candidate has researched their company or not.

  8. Q: "Why do you want to leave your current position?"

    Why: The interviewer wants to make sure that you won't walk out after six months and you'll be satisfied in your new position.

  9. Q: "Tell me about a time when you failed."

    Why: No one wins all of the time, so discuss forthright what you learned from that situation. The interviewer also may want to hear how you handled any resulting fallout.

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  11. Q: "What do you expect to be doing five years from now?"

    Why: The interviewer is looking for evidence of career growth and ambiitions.

  12. Q: "How does your family or partner feel about you working long hours?"

    Why: How supportive your family is of your working, or how flexible you can be with long working hours.

Now, think about how YOU would answer each question...

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