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At, we provide online classified job advertisements for Dental employers and resume posting for Dental workers. Unlike ads in local newspapers, "online ads" can simultaneously be placed in multiple locations throughout the world, greatly increasing their exposure. Using electronic communications technology, ads are automatically matched to posted resumes according to geographic location and job description/position. Employers receive matching resumes via email, while workers receive the employer's ads. By automating this process online, workers are found more quickly and efficiently, making those piles of resumes in a manager's or recruiter's office disappear, making the hiring process less complicated and chaotic.

Additionally, technological advances now allow the dentist to do everyday tasks "online", saving valuable time and money. Offices can now access patients records online, purchase supplies online, file insurance claims online - the possibilities are endless. New programs and online services are being developed everyday, creating a more efficient office workflow. To post your resume, search for Dental jobs or Dental Employees, click here.