Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dental Assistant and Hygienist Resumes

Dental Hygienist Salary

A resume can be a powerful marketing tool when applying for dental jobs…

A resume can also be a total flop.

Save your resume from Flop status. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are writing, or re-working your resume in order to apply for Dental Assistant or Hygienist jobs!

  • Bullet-point short, succinct statements to describe your experience. Try to keep these bullet points from wrapping onto a second or third line. Less than 15 words per bullet point is sufficient, but less than 10 words per bullet point is even better.
  • Start each bullet point with an action word, aka a verb. Change, "I was in charge of cleaning and sanitizing the tools", into, "Managed the cleaning and sanitizing of tools".
  • Use what is known as "Active Voice" rather than "Passive Voice". For example, you don't want to write, "The x-rays of teeth were done by me", but rather, "Performed teeth x-rays". Make sense?
  • Customize your resume to fit the specific dental job for which you are applying. If the Dental Hygienist job ad lists certain keywords in its description, and you have performed these key tasks, modify a couple of words in your resume and fit these words in somewhere.
  • Proof-read. Your resume needs to be error-free, which means no grammar, punctuation or spelling errors. If this involves reading it over and making changes 15 times, so be it! Have a friend, relative, teacher or job counselor take a look at your resume, too – they may spot something you did not, or have an insight you didn't think of!

YOU have the power - say "NO" to Flop, and "YES" to a great Dental Assistant or Hygienist job with a great salary!

Spotlight On…The Dental Hygienist Salary!

The Dental Hygienist job is an important one. Dental Hygienists perform a number of duties, such as cleaning teeth, looking for signs of oral disease and providing education and preventative care to patients. Common requirements for Dental Hygienists include a degree from an accredited dental hygiene program, as well as state licensing as a Dental Hygienist and previous experience. Dental Hygienists must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as they work with patients and dental colleagues on a daily basis. They should also be able to multitask, keep appropriate records and stay well organized.

Did you know that women hold the majority of Dental Hygienist jobs in the United States? Ninety-seven percent of Dental Hygienist jobs are held by women, and three percent by men.

As of March, 2016, the average U.S. Dental Hygienist salary is $32.57 per hour. Total cash incomes of Dental Hygienists run from $46k to $87k, annually, depending on bonuses that can occasionally exceed $3k, profit sharing that reaches $6k, and some commissions of nearly $20k. Geography is the biggest factor affecting Dental Hygienist salaries, followed by the specific employer and how long someone has been in their position. Most workers in this position report a high level of job satisfaction.

Dental Hygienists who go on to become Pedodontic Dental Hygienists may see somewhat stagnant compensation. On average, an upper-level Pedodontic Dental Hygienist role pays $71K. Many Dental Hygienists advance into roles as Office Managers of Dental Offices or Registered Nurses, but the median salaries are $25K lower and $11K lower, respectively.

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