Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dental Assistant Job Description for Your Dental Post

A Dental Assistant is a vital member of the dental health team. As a dental assistant, you will enjoy a broad range of exciting and challenging duties. The main duties include:

Chairside Assistant:

  • Assists the dentist in providing dental treatment
  • Prepares and maintains dental instruments, supplies and equipment
  • Collects and records patient health histories
  • Patient management during dental procedures
  • Instrument transfer
  • Dental procedure isolation techniques
  • Prepares dental materials cements, amalgam, composite, impression materials, etc...
  • Dental charting
  • Supervises prevention and management of dental medical emergencies
  • Inventory control and management

Patient and Community Educator:

  • Delivers patient personal oral care instructions
  • Delivers community dental health presentations
  • Plans, assembles and mans health fair booths

Registered Dental Assistant Job Description:

Dental assistants may be trained to perform a special group of duties called expanded functions. Expanded functions are dental procedures that may be performed independently by a Registered Dental Assistant.

Chairside Assistant

  • Takes dental x-rays
  • Polishes the teeth to remove stains and soft deposits
  • Applies topical fluoride treatments
  • Takes impressions and bite registrations
  • Applies pit and fissure sealants
  • Places and removes periodontal dressings
  • Removes surgical sutures
  • Pre-selection of orthodontic bands
  • Places and removes orthodontic ligature ties, placing
  • Orthodontic separators
  • Adaptation of temporary crowns
  • Places topical medications
  • Removes excess cement from fabricated restorations and orthodontic bands

Dental Laboratory Procedures

  • Pours impressions to make stone and plaster models
  • Trims models
  • Fabricates mouth guards, temporary crowns, custom impression trays
  • Prepares casting models and dies
  • Fabricates orthodontic retainers and other appliances
  • Expanded functions are regulated by each state

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