Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Dental Job Ad Writing Tips

  • If you are writing a dental job ad to recruit workers from outside of your city, please let the dental candidate know that you are searching nationwide, regionally or statewide/province wide. It is often taken for granted that dental candidates will automatically know why they are reading your ad if they are from outside of their city. This usually will confuse the candidate unless it is spelled out within the job ad.

  • List all amenities that your dental office is offering to that potential candidate and how working for you would be attractive during their career. This could include a flexible schedule, competitive salaries, desirable office location, office updates, and teamwork amongst co-workers.

  • If you are recruiting from outside of your city, list highlights of the things that make your city a desirable place to live. Include websites that talk about relocation, events, schools and statistics about your area. You may want to visit the local chamber of commerce website for your town. If you have a web site for your office, include that as well. Relocation packages and sign-on bonuses are very attractive to recruit dentists and specialists.

  • Remember to invite your candidate to contact you directly, this is especially important for hard to fill job openings. Double check that your contact information is correct and list exactly how you want the candidate who is reading your ad to contact you. Remember, the goal of a job advertisement is to entice that the best candidates contact you in order to ask more questions about your job opening. You want to make a good first impression in order to attract the candidate of your dreams.

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