Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dental Receptionist

Front Desk

  • Schedules and Confirms Appointments.
  • Requires good telephone techniques.
  • Handles patient reception.
  • Manages Patient Records.
  • Manages Business Records.
  • Follows Accounting/Book keeping Procedures.
  • Processes Patient Insurance.
  • Prepares Written Business Communications.
  • Sometimes markets dental services to potential patients for the Dental Office.

Treatment Coordinator

  • A treatment coordinator acts as the liaison between the dentist and the patient.
  • Contacts the patient
  • Schedules an appointment
  • Explains the treatment plan that the dentist has decided upon
  • Executes the plan of action by guiding the patient to the appropriate treatment room needed for the procedures within the plan

Patient or Clinical Coordinator

The patient or clinical coordinator acts as the liaison between the Treatment coordinator and the patient and/or the dentist and the patient. After the treatment plan is explained to the patient by either the dentist or the treatment coordinator, the patient coordinator then accesses the treatment rooms available that is appropriate for the procedure then appoints that patient accordingly.