Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dental Testimonials and Questions

Dental Hygienist Jobs

What Dental Workers say about
Rami N., a newly hired Dental Assistant in Lakeland, FL told us:
"It's hard finding a job when you move from state to state, but Dentalworkers worked great for me. It really cut down the amount of time it took to find a job!"

What Dental Employers say about
“I have had the benefit of working with Dentalworkers upon three or four occasions, whil looking to fill Dental Hygienist Jobs. In fact three of my four employees have come through Dentalworkers. What's been good about Dentalworkers for me has been the costs and the response times. The cost is less than one-half what a classified ad costs in my area. But more importantly, I receive responses. In my 39 years of having a dental practice, many things change. And it's most obvious that employees rely more and more in the Web. I have used other employee search sites on the Web, but none has come close to the results I receive with Dentalworkers. I unabashedly recommend Dentalworkers for any dental office seeking to add or change staff.”
-Dr. Jeff M. owns a practice in San Jose, CA

“I find it to be a very useful site. I can search for job-hunting candidates. I've told my marketing department to renew the ads ASAP.”
-Erika A. recruits for a staffing agency in St. Louis, MO

“My experience with has been tremendous! I have been very impressed with the volume of candidates out there! I was able to contact several great candidates for employment and am currently working on scheduling interviews. [Plus, electronic updates] keep me on my toes for new candidates. It is quite convenient and great! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!”
-Mary M. recruits for a dental group in Salem, OR

“It is a great tool for recruiting and will definitely use it again!”
-Cathy B. recruits for a dental laboratory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How does compare to a newspaper ad?

“A lot better response than placing a newspaper ad!
Denise C., Placed a Dental Assistant in Overland Park, KS

“[Online recruiting is] a lot less expensive [than a newspaper ad] and you get some quick responses. It’s non-threatening for both parties. I think it's a great way to make connections quickly with potential team members.”
Steve I., Needed a Dental Assistant in Orange County, CA

“[With Dentalworkers] I had more qualified candidates calling regarding the job than I did from a newspaper ads. It is great to have that constant update of resumes.”
Jen S., Needed a Dental Assistant, St. Louis, MO

“Newspaper ads are costly, time consuming and inaccurate. With your site we are able to do a more thorough evaluation of the prospective employee. We also have found better response for the money.”
Elizabeth K., Needed an RDA in Orange County, CA

“More experienced people apply [to Dentalworkers ad], the cost is more reasonable, and email is more efficient than phone tag! I was able to search resumes within a day and received email within three days from candidates interested in the position. It’s an affordable and easy to use internet job site for employers and candidates.”
Camille J., Needed a Dental Assistant and Hygienist in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

“Good service—more print and better ad for your money.”
Dr. Michael P., Needed an Orthodontic Assistant in Albany, NY

“After viewing the resumes I was able to pick out the potential candidates for my practice. The service is a good way to find a dental employee specific to your practice needs. I found it to be very easy to use and I would highly recommend this way of advertising [rather] than a newspaper.”
Dr. Max G., Looked for a Hygienist in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago

“[We received an] immediate response—much better than a newspaper! I liked the continuous e-mails so that we are aware of potential candidates. I find it to be one of the best online classified ad sites.”
Dr. Joseph R., Needed an Office Manager and Front Desk worker in Orange County, CA

“[I] will never use a newspaper ad again!”
Lorie A., Needed a Dental Assistant in Los Angeles

Are the resumes on from real, qualified workers?

“We are receiving applications from candidates who are qualified for the position! Hiring in the dental field is a new venture for us and this has helped us to view some resumes from qualified candidates.”
Emily D., Needed a Dental Assistant in Northern Wisconsin

“We started interviewing within one week. [Through Dentalworkers,] a constant stream of applicants can be accessed.”
Dr. Daniel D., Searched for a Hygienist in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

“Overall, the candidates that I have interviewed through the Internet are superior in skills and personality.”
Dr. Ana N., Needed an Office Manager in Orange County, CA

“The service was great; there were a lot of candidates to choose from. I would absolutely use again!”
Sylvia C., Looked for a Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

“[Dentalworkers] tells you a lot about the person you are going to interview. It almost feels like a dating service! ”
Dr. Sam C., Looked for a Hygienist in Chicago, Illinois

Is easy to use?

“I was impressed by how convenient it made it to access and view the resumes.”
Dr. T. Reynolds, Looked for a Dental Assistant in New Jersey
“Everything is so fast. It's great! We can pick and choose before returning calls, [and] you keep us posted so we don't always have to keep looking. You are one step ahead of us all the time.”
Robin M., Needed an RDA in San Francisco, CA
“DW [allows you the] opportunity to check things anonymously.”
Dr. Mc Bride, Needed Administration in Long Beach, CA
“Positively wonderful—very good communications! The workers responded rapidly. It's much simpler and of course, cheaper! A great invention.”
Cynthia, Looked for a Dental Assistant in Long Island, NY
“Like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!!!”
-Helen G. hired Dental Assistants and Hygienists in Montgomery County, MD